MS Degree in Chemistry at Youngstown State University

Jason McCartney was a 2001 MS graduate in Chemistry from the Norris group at YSU. 

Some of our more recent students discuss the merits of the MS program. 

Olumuyiwa Adesoye, MS 2012 

"My experience in the M.S. program at YSU has prepared me for a doctoral program through the wide variety of graduate classes in different fields of chemistry which include organic, inorganic, physical, materials and biochemistry. The Chemistry Department at YSU provides easy access to NMR facilities and extensive licensed chemistry software that aid in chemical analysis necessary for organic synthesis. The M.S. program also provides graduate assistantships with a tuition waiver and a competitive stipend that covers a large portion of living expenses in a town with a low cost of living."


Omadee Curry, MS 2013

"Here at YSU the M.S. chemistry program offers a wide variety of tracks that allows one the freedom to choose a chemistry track specific to their own particular interests. After completing this program I would like to obtain a position as a liaison between scientific and business groups within industry, which will complement my experience in both areas. The various courses and opportunities that are available within the program at YSU will prepare me for such a position."


Janelle Russell, MS 2012

"Teaching while earning my Master's degree has been a great experience. Through teaching, my own understanding of chemistry has greatly increased. I have also had the opportunity to work with some really great professors who have guided me toward becoming a marketable scientist."


Philip Adero, MS 2012

"The MS Chemistry program at YSU provides knowledge of all fields of chemistry in both the classroom and the lab. Based on my own interest, organic chemistry, the curriculum is developed in such a manner that it provides the student knowledge of at least two other fields of chemistry outside of the major interest. Classes are completed in 3 semesters, and students can finish the MS within 2 years. Through research and teaching I have gained experiences which will be important in my future pursuit of a Ph.D. in my attempt to become an active research scientist and professor."


Isaac Mills, MS 2012

"One of the best aspects of being a student at YSU is the access to advanced NMR and X-ray crystallography facilities. As a student, I've had all the hands-on access to the instrumentation I'll need to be an effective researcher. After YSU, I'm hoping to pursue a Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry; with the research experience we students receive and the educational and professional placements our previous students have attained, I'm confident I'll achieve this goal."